4iiz Business Intelligence

Richard “Bert” Diener

Conceived in a busy law practice

4iiz was conceived in a busy law practice as it struggled to manage both the practice of law and the business of law.

Managing how non-attorneys handled calls, processed leads, and converted calls to clients does not generally have the same appeal as some of the other jobs within a firm.

Rusty Speedy

Rusty Speedy

However, when Attorney Bert Diener and Developer Rusty Speedy hyper-focused on building a system to manage intake and retention, the two realized the results were incredible.

What began as a challenge to address a systemic marketing-to-sales weakness ended with a process the law firm used to generate over a million dollar of increased revenues in less than eighteen months.

Combining an automated intake solution with a continuous improvement process amounts to the quintessential example of a tiny hinge that moves big doors. In developing 4iiz, we understood that software doesn’t magically make all problems go away. What software does is eliminate pain points and make doing things easier. What 4iiz does is make it easier for people to be more disciplined by taking more disciplined action that allows the owner to use more disciplined thought.

We are obsessed with why things work and why they don’t. Software Companies that promote themselves on what they can do are ultimately limited in what the people will do. No wonder why so many lawyers are frustrated with promises about some solutions. Its ultimately about people and making is so easy to do what needs to be done, it gets done right.

4iiz is not a cookie cutter solution. The core software remains the same but 4iiz believes adapting the software to your firm instead of the other way around. Attorney Bert Diener continues to manage a busy practice multi-state law practice that has employees in several countries. The laboratory that developed 4iiz continues to generate innovation and deep insight into what works and what doesn’t. 4iiz understands the frustrations of managing a law practice and also the possibilities.

Law Firm Lead Tracking

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Let’s face it, you have better things to do than compile lead data and comb through spreadsheets to figure out what is working and what isn’t with your practice. Not to mention, monitoring your staff, training new hires and listening in on phone calls to see how they are handled. Imagine what you could do if all of those things were handled automatically. What if you had a way to identify your best-performing lead sources and to stop throwing away money with marketing that doesn’t work? What if your calls were always handled correctly? What if you didn’t need to spend hours training people? How would your life change if your lead pipeline was always full?

You don’t need to imagine. 4iiz solves these problems and delivers results that will increase your bottom line and improve the quality of your life.

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