4iiz Customer Testimonials

Howard Snader, Phoenix Criminal Attorney

4iiz allows you to get and understand your numbers and with that knowledge comes a whole lot of income.

“My net revenues are up 800%!

Law Firm Lead Tracking

Andres Mejer, New Jersey Immigration Attorney

“4iiz enabled me to grow and scale by automating my intake system.”

“4iiz gave me the data to understand where to put my resources.

“When you know your numbers, the decisions get a lot easier.”

Law Firm Lead Tracking

Charles Laputka, Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Attorney

“4iiz helped me to understand which lead sources were performing and which were not.”

“This past year my business has more than doubled.

“With 4iiz, I feel comfortable expanding my practice into a new market because I know my numbers in real time.

Law Firm Lead Tracking

Don Golden, Florida Bankruptcy Attorney

“4iiz helped me to eliminate manually trying to track my lead sources using spreadsheets. 4iiz gave me a dashboard that has put all of my numbers at my fingertips.

4iiz call scripts have cut my training and improved my results.

Law Firm Lead Tracking

George McCraney, Georgia Criminal & Immigration Attorney

4iiz automated and streamlined our intake process and improved our performance.

“Once our intake system was fixed, our appointment set rate, show rate and hire rate went way up.

Law Firm Lead Tracking

Jeff Kelly, Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney

4iiz call script automation has had a huge impact on our appointment rate and show rate… it has double our show rate.

“4iiz helps to get new hires up to speed much faster.”

“4iiz gives your bottom line a huge boost.

Law Firm Lead Tracking

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