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Law Firm Lead Tracking

Co-Founder, Bert Diener Explains the Features & Benefits of 4iiz

4iiz is more than software, it is a comprehensive system that will change how you do business for the better. 4iiz integrates with your current software and CRM to automate critical tasks that are often bypassed because of lack of time or discipline. 4iiz goes further than any other product on the market by combining systems automation, data collection and real-time reporting for all of your marketing channels and staff training & performance. 4iiz comes consulting from an experienced attorney who once stood in your shoes, as well as, a robust community of attorneys willing to lend you a hand. 4iiz business intelligence can show you how you stack up against other similar law firms and provide you with actionable insights into current marketing trends.

In this video, attorney and 4iiz Co-Founder, Bert Diener explains how and why 4iiz works.

Law Firm Lead Tracking

4iiz Features & Benefits Overview

Law Firm Lead Tracking

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Let’s face it, you have better things to do than compile lead data and comb through spreadsheets to figure out what is working and what isn’t with your practice. Not to mention, monitoring your staff, training new hires and listening in on phone calls to see how they are handled. Imagine what you could do if all of those things were handled automatically. What if you had a way to identify your best-performing lead sources and to stop throwing away money with marketing that doesn’t work? What if your calls were always handled correctly? What if you didn’t need to spend hours training people? How would your life change if your lead pipeline was always full?

You don’t need to imagine. 4iiz solves these problems and delivers results that will increase your bottom line and improve the quality of your life.

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