4iiz is a great way to organize your phone person so that they can schedule an appointment that will show up and hire your firm. The software makes it simple for us to train our staff on what exactly we want them to do once the phone rings and what they need to say and ask! Ultimately, with the software, we make more money because more people show and hire our firm!

Robert Geller

Bankruptcy Attorney Florida

4iiz is game changing. I know we are handling our calls better and we are making more money. I can tell when my staff are doing their jobs and when they are not. I can’t see my firm going back to the old way of hoping it gets done right.

Andres Mejer

Immigration Attorney New Jersey

My practice lives by the phones. Making sure what should happen does, is very important.These guys get it!”

Barry Bobbit

Criminal Defense Attorney Texas

If you want to maximize the number of initial consultations you set, the number of clients who hire your firm and percentage of money you’re paid as compared to what you actually invoice every month, 4iiz software is for you. I’ve worked with hundreds of law firms and the number one opportunity they have is to fix their phones. 4iiz developed a software that does exactly that. They fix the issue of compliance with phone reps in a law firm which maximizes results. If you own a law firm, this software is a no-brainer. In fact, I love them so much, I became an investor.

Richard James

National Legal Systems Expert and Consultant

The power of 4iiz is in the simplicity. Instead of staff cutting corners when they answer the phones, 4iiz makes it easy to do the right thing. Phone calls can be worth thousands of dollars apiece, 4iiz gives me confidence we are doing what we need to every single time.

Joe Jeppson

Bankruptcy Attorney Missouri