Convert more calls to clients – Guaranteed

Meet Our Automated Intake: 4iiz “AI” converts more calls to clients by automating best practices, agent decision making and measuring compliance. 4iiz will help your team focus on building relationships.

4 ways to help increase profits & eliminate problems

Proven Strategies

The Automated Intake uses a proven workflow to convert more leads to clients

Quality Information to your Staff

Using decision management, give your team the right information to make the right decision

Compliance is Measured

Agent use of the software the data collected and even their execution is measured so you can now manage

Data is captured and redundancy eliminated

Phone, CRM and Practice Management Integrations improve accuracy and eliminates redundancy

Make your phone a truly smart phone

With today’s competition, when the phone rings in your law firm it isn’t enough to just say hello and hope the caller will decide to hire your firm. To thrive and not just survive, you must wow the person calling and help them realize your services are what they need. It isn’t uncommon to see an improvement 15-20% in law firm revenues by proper handling and management of phones.

Increase the power of your phone & improve your team

Our Analysts will build a custom intake workflow around your practice. The power of the Software goes far beyond telling someone what to say.

Ease of Onboarding New Staff


Establishes Goals and Benchmarks for Your Staff


The Process is Built to Set More Appointments


Log and track Objections to Setting Appointments


Identifies High Priority Cases and Creates Triggers to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Them


Integrated Scheduling into Your Calendaring Solution


Compare Agent Performance against Industry Standards


Training and Examples are Provided


Industry Expert

“If you want to maximize the number of initial consultations you set, the number of clients who hire your firm and percentage of money you’re paid as compared to what you actually invoice every month, 4iiz software is for you. I’ve worked with hundreds of law firms and the number one opportunity they have is to fix their phones. 4iiz developed software that does exactly that. They fix the issue of compliance with phone reps in a law firm which maximizes results. If you own a law firm, this software is a no brainer. In fact, I love them so much, I become an investor.”

Richard James

National Legal Systems Expert and Consultant