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a predictable, consistent, and increasing ability to generate more clients.

The Challenge

Law firms struggle for a number of reasons. The common challenges we see are:

  • System is full of holes – owners don’t see where it’s leaking or how to fix
  • Team isn’t measured – managers don’t know who the A-Players are or how to improve
  • Infinite number of things to do – leaders don’t have optics to prioritize

The Opportunity

Do more with what you currently have.

Use Our Calculator To See Where You Are In These 5 Critical Points

  • How Many New Leads You Have
  • Which Leads are Qualified
  • How Many Qualified Leads are Setting Appointments
  • How Many are Showing for Appointments
  • How Many of the Appointment Shows Are Hiring

Identify Opportunities for Growth

Try our FREE optimization calculator to identify your rate of converting a lead in each of these five critical stages.

The Solution

A Framework Designed to Make You Succeed
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How to grow your business 30-100% a year