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4iiz does what your CRM software can’t.

Your people, your systems design and the quality of leads determine the number of new clients you get. 4iiz is both software and strategy that will grow your firm – Guaranteed.

  • Finally see who is doing their job well and who isn’t

  • See what marketing is working and what isn’t

  • Get proven processes that convert more calls to clients

  • Scale your ability to get more clients

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Law Firm Lead Tracking

Would another million dollars make a difference to your law firm?

The 4iiz method has increased revenues for law firms across America by 200%, 300% even 400%! It’s more than software. We combine technology, consulting and a robust community with the 4iiz method to turn more calls into clients and supercharge your law firm. Guaranteed!

Law Firm Lead Tracking

Call Flow & Intake Automation

  • Make sure your intake process is followed

  • Identify the right leads before you set an appointment

  • Give the correct information to potential clients every time

  • Finally find out why people are not setting appointments

  • Shortcut training and script changes

Performance & Pipeline Analytics

  • See the leaks in your pipeline

  • See trends in marketing results

  • See how much money you are leaving on the table

  • Make it easy to see where you should prioritize your resources

Market & Business Intelligence

  • See your data compared to similar firms in the industry

  • Identify when your staff are doing more harm than good

  • See marketing trends across the country

  • Learn the 80/20 leverage points to systematically grow

Law Firm Lead Tracking

Use process management automation to bring best practices to your law firm

Before 4iiz, training new hires & monitoring staff performance may have seemed impossible.

Reduce Training Cost
Retain More Clients
Monitor Sales Team
Greatly Increase Revenue
Smart Call Flows
Decisions Based On Data
Law Firm Lead Tracking

Industry experts recommend 4iiz

Richard James

National Legal Systems Expert and Consultant
“If you want to maximize the number of initial consultations you set, the number of clients who hire your firm and percentage of money you’re paid as compared to what you actually invoice every month, 4iiz software is for you. I’ve worked with hundreds of law firms and the number one opportunity they have is to fix their phones. 4iiz developed software that does exactly that. They fix the issue of compliance with phone reps in a law firm which maximizes results. If you own a law firm, this software is a no brainer. In fact, I love them so much, I become an investor.”

David Bitton

“I was blown away by the level of customization and automation the team at 4iiz have created for law firms.

Using best practices, they are 100% based on performance, using KPIs, battle-tested scripts and processes to drive exponential growth for their members.”

Law Firm Lead Tracking

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Law Firm Lead Tracking

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You have been working for years to build your legal practice. You’ve bought the books, been to the seminars and implemented every whacky idea some so-called expert has given you. Why are you not getting ahead? Why is your practice floundering or just doing OK? The answer is that you have been missing the most important part of the success formula. 4iiz is that missing piece. Let us show you how to put your law firm into overdrive. 

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Call Flow and Business Analytics
Law Firm Lead Tracking

So, you don’t think 200%, 300%, 400% or more is realistic? Check out these 4iiz clients.

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Law Firm Lead Tracking